Project CG Watkins (GB/FR) Masses

CZECH RECORD in High Falls and naked skin burning

Princezna zakletá v čase


Hodinářův učeň  – full stunts service

Młody Piłsudski – series

Apollo Tyres – car stunts show MOST

Dragon Blade (Boj o hedvábnou stezku) – stunts action

Daria Martin: Tonight the World

Listí ze stromu svobody – stunts full service

HAUTU (complet stunts action and SFX realisation)

Telekom Sport – Four Elements (DE – realisation bodyburning)

Moravské Elegie – příběh Jana N. Prokeše


Music video from DELORAINE

Advertisment “GS Condro”

Advertisment “Starobrno”


Goleden Fish – short film (stunt double and SFX)

Hlas pro Římského krále (stunts action wirh CSFA)

Migros – advertisement – advanced rigging (coordination and realization)

James Bond – a live event for T-Mobile

A full scale stuntmen show for 2500 attendees. An action packed video prequel to the show, where the clients themselves had their action roles.

Drsný Spasitel – a movie

action scene coordination, body burning, participating in some high falls, fight scenes

High Falls Promotion Video – viral video (in cooperating with PINARTO)


Uvažujete o našem workshopu "Pády z výšek?" nebo o návštěvě našeho studia? Říkáte si zda se umí kaskadéři bavit? Pro Vás jsme si připravili ve spolupráci s Pinarto, toto video. Přejeme příjemnou zábavu při sledování a předem děkujeme za sdílení. Thank you for shareing. 🙂

Zveřejnil(a) Stuntstudio dne Středa 7. září 2016

Super Heroes – photo shooting for the project of LaFee Visage

modeling, acrobatics, parkour

Santa vs. Ježíšek – no budget viral x-mas video (coproduction with Epicture)

– stunt scenes coordination, various fighting scenes

Kung -Fu Zajda – no budget Easter themed viral video (in cooperation with Epicture)

– stunt scene coordination, fight scene choreography, all stunts scenes

Poslední Slova – a Movie

– falling out of a car, the shooting at the end of the movie

Medvěd 009 – music video

– special effects, body hits

Kaskaderi s.r.o

If you think you have seen it all, watch out for Kaskaderi s.r.o. the most awesome commedy action TV serie. No one has ever attempted to put so much movie style action into a commedy serie and we are the first one to prove that it is possible. We bring you some exclusive pictures from the the shooting. And guess what? We enjoyed every minute of it! Hope you will like it too.

Kaskaderi s.r.o VIDEO

Behind the scenes video. Our work was: Stunt coordinate, stuntaction, special effects, acting, pyrotechnic.

Hlas pro římského krále

This year (2015) we worked on czech historical film. We realised stunt action with friends from CSFA.

To jsem ještě nezažil!

This Short Movie done by Epictures and Agilitas on their common workshop, take you through an unbelievable encounters of one policemen wanting to catch a thief. All stunts and choreographies have been done and coordinated by Agilitas. This movie will coming soon.

Matrix Reversed

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t remember Matrix as one of the biggest blockbusters ever. Matrix Reversed a parody full of ingenious humor is poking fun of its Big Brother. Agilitas helped out with its stuntmen and Fx Specialist to spice it up with some decent action and powerful special effects.

AbraFit Commercial

No one said that commercial have to be boring. Our client decided to stand out and was awarded with well done piece combining action and fire stunts with humorous story. All stunts and fx effects were done by Agilitas.

Tango Mortale

Tango Mortale is an unforgetable spectacle combining the passion and fire of Tango with fierce fighting scenes. In a cooperation with the amazing dancer Martina our stuntmen not only mastered the difficult dance choreography but also the complex fighting scenes carefully embeded so as not to interrupt the rythm of the tango.


We always like to support rising talent when we can as in the war movie Slib (Promise) directed by the talented Honza Šulak. Using our experience and expertised we covered the stunt scenes.


We have done event for Allianz company, with famous czech actor Marek Vašut.


Our stunt team very successfully participated in the world’s television show Czech -Slovak got talent